3 sep. 2012

9 juli 2012

A tiny giant update

Kind of forgot to update on this one, but here's the cover for Goliath And The Giants new Album "done deed". Btw this one is for free! Soon you're gonna be able to download it from our

27 juni 2012

With a cold comes restlessness but from restlessness, lot's of good things can come. Creativity for example.. check it out!

Supreme Soul Visuals Intro #1 from Daniel Jönsson on Vimeo.

24 juni 2012

check out my vimeopage!

12 maj 2012

Spring photosesh with ed

Some photos of the sesh last week. Most of them are by me on ed but actually one or two are on me by ed!

9 mars 2012

Hbg walkaround

Had a short little walk through the magical town of hell and some of the people along my path cought my lens.

And to add some colour to this black & gray town of hell I wore my new superkinky shoes..

25 feb. 2012

Quite cold.. No further statements

The early morning sun almost makes it look all warm & cosy, but trust me It is not..
Wake up early, go surf, nice weather & nice company. To bad it's f*ckin' freeeezing. Though I wouldn't really recomend it to anyone that's never tried it yet, but cold water surf is quite awesome. As it may accur to you and as I may have said before it IS cold, and it's also that kind of cold that just makes you feel like you've been slapped right in the face several times after beeing buried in snow for about a week or so. But there's also a sort of cleansing feeling to it. Avoiding water smacking in your face is a quicktip for anyone longing to try this epicly dedicated kind of activity. I've only tried it once and I guess there's a good reason for that, even though I feel It's going to happen many times more. Although my surf stoke was at max last night when I heard it was going off I kind of backed of, 30 degrees + is more me I guess..

22 feb. 2012


Flips showed me this guy last weekend. And maybe it's just me, (wich I by the way doubt) but this guy gives awesome a whole new meaning. The fact that he entered Australian Idol a couple of years ago kinda makes him a bit interesting, since what he's writing nowadays seems so very authentic to me. It's so perfect, every single tone is right in pitch. Almost scary how he can be so in control of his voice. Guess practice makes perfect, but this is just crazy. set it to 01.35 and you'll know what I mean...